About us

Bruce County Nut & Fudge Co. was founded in 2002 by sisters Yvonne, Melissa and Tanya Davis. Thanks to hard-working parents who ran a successful confectionary business for over 30 years, the trio evolved their pedigree into their own passion that’s just as sweet and personal.

Obsessed with premium and gourmet ingredients, every bite is melted, dipped and decorated by real hands in a real kitchen with traditional copper pots and marble slabs. “We’re so proud that we work in small batches because that means every ounce we make gets our love and attention.” Available at hallmark events like The One-of-a-Kind Show in Toronto and The Calgary Stampede, the sisters feel so lucky that they can share their sophisticated twist on childhood delights with so many.

Bruce County Nut & Fudge Co. is a homemade story and a cross country success. Best of all, it’s available for delivery any time of year for any occasion, even if it’s simply to treat yourself.