Cocktail Pairings For Our Roasted Nuts

There's a Nut & Cocktail Pairing For Every Type of Snacker – Learn Yours

Whether you're having company over or enjoying a quiet night in, there's nothing better than a refreshing cocktail and a yummy snack to go with it. Nuts and liquor are one of those snack-and-drink combinations that seem like a match made in heaven.  

At Bruce County Nut & Fudge, we have savoury roasted nut assortments to intrigue any appetite. Each nut flavour pairs perfectly with certain cocktails, and we've described our favourite pairings below.

Why Roasted Nuts and Liquor Go Hand-in-Hand

Have you ever noticed that some snacks and drinks go perfectly together? Our mouths water over combos like wine and cheese, pretzels and beer, or cookies and milk (Pssst... did you know we make cookies-and-cream flavoured caramel apples?)

Tasty cocktails and savoury roasted nuts are a perfect pair because they both offer a dynamic blend of flavours. Nuts are blissfully crunchy and salty, and cocktails quench your thirst just the way you like them to.

Our Favourite Nut and Cocktail Pairings 

Beer Nuts & Stormy IPA

Beer nuts are an American snacking staple. As the name suggests, they have a close relationship with beer, but there isn't actually a single drop of alcohol in them. Instead, these caramel-glazed nuts got their name from being served in American bars to create thirsty snackers, and, in turn, customers. 

We recommend pairing our beer nuts with Stormy IPA, a craft beer-based cocktail with a hint of lime. One mouthful of this combination will make you feel like you're on the sidelines of a baseball diamond, or crowded around your closest friends at your favourite bar.

Purchase a 140g bag of Beer Nuts here.

Coconut Cashews & Margarita

Coconut cashews will take your taste buds on a tropical vacation. These sweet nuts are roasted and glazed with caramel and coconut – a combination you seriously need to taste to believe.

Of course, this beach-ready snack should be paired with the most popular vacation cocktail there is: the margarita. This tequila-based drink packs some serious punch, and it balances out perfectly with our sweet coconut cashews.

Try Our Favourite Margarita Recipe!

When we're craving a margarita, we know exactly who to go to. Our pal Jim – married to Bruce County Nut & Fudge's very own Melissa – makes a mean margarita, and we've shared his recipe with you:

First, mix these ingredients:

  • 3oz Silver Tequila

  • 2oz Fresh Lime

  • 1.5 oz cointreau

  • 0.5 oz simple syrup

Then, make a salt rim with 2parts salt, I part sugar, and a bit of lime zest. Voila!

Purchase a 140g bag of Coconut Cashews here.

Caramel Glazed Pecans & Old Fashioned (or a Hot Toddy!)

Caramel glazed pecans are a cherished snack from the deep south all the way up to the chilly north. This sweet-and-salty delicacy is glazed with caramel, cinnamon, cocoa, and vanilla.

Our crowd-pleasing pecans pair perfectly with an Old-Fashioned, the holy grail of bourbon cocktails. Some fancy cocktail connoisseurs actually sometimes blend nuts like walnuts and pecans into their drinks. Pairing our pecans with an old-fashioned can give you that experience.

For a cold-weather twist, you may instead choose to pair up our pecans with a hot toddy – a cottage-friendly drink consisting of tea and bourbon.

Purchase a 140g bag of Caramel Glazed Pecans here.

Caramel Glazed Almonds & Martini

Caramel glazed almonds are a versatile snack – they're delightful in baked goods, in salads, on charcuterie boards, or on their own!

Since almonds lend themselves to both casual and classy affairs, what's the right cocktail to pair them with? The martini, of course. This gin-based drink is a classic – just ask James Bond.

Martinis don't tempt your taste buds? Prosecco, or sparkling wine, also goes great with our caramel glazed almonds.

Purchase a 140g bag of Caramel Glazed Almonds here.

Chipotle Pumpkin Seeds & Spicy Paloma

If you're a daring foodie who loves trying exciting treats, we've got the combination for you.

Chipotle pumpkin seeds are savoury and offer a spicy kick – and we mix our assortment with dried cranberries to create an explosion of flavour.

Are you tempted by this spicy snack? If so, one cocktail is equally exciting: the Spicy Paloma. This grapefruit-and-tequila combo is characterized by the fact that it's garnished with jalapenos. You certainly don't see that everyday.

Purchase a 140g bag of Chipotle Spiced Pumpkin Seeds here.

Sea Salt and Honey Peanuts & Chocolate Martini

These peanuts are simple and tasty thanks to the classic combination of sea salt and honey. Peanuts and chocolate are a favourite pairing in baked goods and candy bars, but the combo applies to drinks too!

We recommend pairing this snack with a chocolate martini. This dreamy drink typically includes vanilla vodka and cream liquer, and is garnished with shaved chocolate bits. It's an adult-only drink that'll make you feel like a kid in a candy store.

Here at Bruce County, we proudly create deliciously unique yet familiar flavours of roasted nuts and other yummy snacks. Whether you pair your roasted nuts with cocktails or mocktails, we're sure of one thing: you'll be satisfied with every bite.